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Joyfully Embracing the Gift and Calling of Motherhood

As a young mama, I came across a quote by James Dobson that I've held onto for many years.  He said, "The days you've been given to care for your children are much briefer than you think.  Yes, it's a difficult and exhausting assignment, but someday you'll know you have performed the most important task a human being can undertake, and it's worth everything it costs to do your job right."  Oh, how I want to love and lead my children well!  And I want to enjoy these precious days with these little ones who are growing up way faster than I'd like!  

I believe motherhood is both a gift from the Lord as well as a high calling.  As mamas we have incredible influence in the lives of our children... for better or for worse.  We desperately need a thriving relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ so that we can thrive in our homes... displaying through our lives the beauty and power of the gospel.  

The Lord has been faithful to teach me a few things over my twenty-one years of motherhood, and it is my joy to pass on to you what has been helpful in my journey as well as what the Lord continues to teach me.  As you can see from our family picture, I've still got a way to go in my Mommy years, and I'm so thankful.  I don't want to just survive, and neither do you.  Let's seek Him together and commit to living "all in" as mamas, fully embracing the season of motherhood with joy, for the good of our children and the glory of God.

                                                                                                                                               - Sherry Neeley, Thrivin' Mama
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